Wainwright Stampede Riders

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The 'Wainwright Stampede Riders' is a precision drill team in Wainwright, Alberta, Canada.

Formed in 1998, the team consists of young ladies in numbers varying from 10 to 16.   The drill is performed as part of the Grand Entry at the beginning of each Professional Rodeo performance, carrying the flags of the Stampede's major sponsors.   The drills are fast and exciting, and are a spectacular way to kick-off the event.  The team also participates in the Annual Stampede Parade.

Practicing usually begins in late April, and runs throughout May and June.  They are held on Sunday evenings and attendance is mandatory.   Another optional practice is generally held mid-week.  At this practice we do some team-building exercises and go over any problem areas that may arise.

The girls are dedicated and enthusiastic.  We have a few rules that must be adhered to for safety reasons, but generally we just have fun. 

Click here to link to the Wainwright Stampede Website for all the details of this exciting event!

For more information about the Wainwright Stampede Riders contact Lorraine Melin.  Your comments are welcome!



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